7 ноября состоится заседание разговорного клуба в Лингва Лэнд!

Dear Students! This Saturday at 14:15 we are happy to welcome you to our conversational club! The topic of our Speaking Club this Saturday is Money makes the world go round. We’ll start at 14:15. Here is the word list to help you:

money made of paper —notes

money ( coins and notes )-cash

10 % discount —10 % off

a person with great wealth —wealthy

you keep your notes and coins here —wallet

a belt for holding money —money belt

a piece of paper you sign and use to pay —by cheque

not having enough money —be short of money

urgently needing money —be hard up

have a big quantity of money —be loaded

go insolvent —make bankrupt

get money from others —borrow

having enough money for living —well off

be without money —be broke

be able to give or spare —can afford

survive without having what you need or want —get by

repay —pay back

give money or something temporarily —lend

be valuable-be worth

get money in a competitive situation —win

put money aside —save

borrow money from a bank to buy a house —mortgage

put money into something to make a profit —invest

to have a debt —owe

gain money for your work —earn

bad use of your money- waste

money that the bank lends you-loan

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